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Standard Double Rooms

We offer you to choose any of 18 standard hotel rooms.

 Double                           Hair dryer

Television                         Shower/bathroom

Price 88 € on weekdays,  on 98 € weekends

Margis Standartinis kambarys

Double  Business Class Room

We offer you to choose any of 5 double business class rooms.
Spacious double rooms with mini bar, air conditioner, bathroom, hair dryer, dressing gowns, slippers and flat-screen TV in the rest zone.

 Double  Air conditioner 
Bathroom                       Hairdryer
..Flat-screen TV                  Mini bar
Price 108 € on weekdays,  on 118 € weekends           


Double Luxury Suite

We offer you to choose any of 2 luxury suites. Impressive, spacious rooms with Margis Lake view opening through windows.

Double bed                             Mini bar
Bathroom                                 Rest zone
..Flat-Screen TV                      Hairdryer
Air conditioner                      

Price 128 € on weekdays,  on 138 € weekends


Studio in a villa for two people.

Not far from the main hotel building it is possible to stay on 5 villas, each having two suites with separate entrances.
Standard double suites with terraces, outdoor furniture, and large windows. In cosily and tastefully equipped small houses decorated in minimalist Scandinavian style you can find a small kitchen with cookware, WC, shower, flat-screen TV.

 Double                          Hair dryer
Shower        Kithen with cookware
..Flat-screen TV     Rest zone, terrace

Price 128 € on weekdays,  on 138 € weekends


Deluxe studio villa with a terrace

If you stay in luxury suites, you will be able to freely enjoy luxurious rest. Relaxing style, interior details of soft colours and all necessary amenities create the especially attractive opportunity to spend a weekend or longer vacation.

 Double bed    Relax zone, terrace
Bathroom                 Hairdryer
..Flat-screen TV    Kitchen with cookware
Air conditioner

Price 148 € on weekdays,  on 158 € weekends