Entertaining activities
Dynamic activities for your rest

We offer various outside and inside activities for our guests to spend leisure in an active way. Choose activities with regard to your personal interests: from beach volleyball or basketball, boating, fishing to a  “Knights’ Tournament”.

You will also have enough activities inside the hotel – are you poker or karaoke fans? And maybe you would like to play table games?

We will ensure your rest in the open air near the lake to be meaningful and diverse.

In 2015 the new outdoor tennis court has been equipped. A friendly game of tennis, swimming in the lake and dinner - perfect entertainment after work!

Outdoor tennis court rental

Outdoor activities
  • Beach volleyball court
  • Outdoor basketball court
  • Two-place boats
  • Fishing inventory
Outdoor games
  • Table tennis
  • Badminton
  • “Petanque”
  • Cricket
  • "Viking Kubb" – Viking game „Cube“
  • "Riddaspelt" - " Knights’ Tournament "
  • "Dropin Hood" – outdoor darts
  • "Darts" - darts (both indoor and outdoor)
Indoor games
  • Table tennis
  • "Darts" - darts (both indoor and outdoor)
  • “Alias” and other table games
  • Poker table with chips